About Renee

Hello & Welcome!!

I'm glad you were lead here.  My name is Renee and feel honored that our paths have crossed.  I have been an ER Nurse for over 10 years, and in the medical field for close to 20 years.  I have helped many patients and families through the happiest and also darkest days of their lives.  I recall each and every one of them and how they have guided me to be here today.  I saw a need and deep connection to wellness and health when I almost lost my own life.  I embarked on a journey to a “wholistic” approach with medicine and health. “Treating the WHOLE being, mind/body & soul is where true health comes from.”  Health is an emotional, physical & spiritual balance.  Sadly, many times, we don’t start to treat our soul until disease sets in and our bodies are physically consumed.  I knew from a young age I had a gift, or what I use to call my “knowing”.  At one point in my life, I was called “The Indigo Child”

Throughout my career, I have had the honor and blessing to touch many lives spiritually, physically, and emotionally.  I've hit rock bottom and got back up and I'm here to tell you growth is hard but its worth every minute.  After my own spiritual awakenings, breakthroughs, and transformations; I have set out on a life’s journey of truth and purpose.  In the process, I have helped 1000’s find their way.  I use a variation of holistic and metaphysical approach to soften the cosmic layers & connections to you and your higher-self and enlightened purpose.  

I am here to help facilitate your soul's healing path by working with Usui Reiki(Humans & Pets), Biomat sessions(Humans & Pets), Emotional Freedom Techniques, Crystals, Nutrition, Hemp, and various card readings to guide us to your greatest good.  Energy work, mindfulness, and balance help guide your breakthrough journey.  I invite you to unlock your full potential.  Reconnect the mind with your body & soul with tools and coaching to become the best version of yourself.  I look forward to serving you.