What Is The BioMat

How the Biomat Works

The Biomat has three primary therapeutic components, each of which contributes to the effectiveness of the product. These therapeutic components are:

  • The generation of Far Infrared Rays (FIR)
  • The generation of Negative Ions
  • Focusing this energy through a matrix of Amethyst Crystal

The deep penetrating power of Far Infrared Rays stimulates every system of the body from the inside out. As Infrared is radiated into the body, it resonates with the frequencies of organic molecules and cells causing them to vibrate, heat up and expand. In turn, blood vessels, capillaries, nerve endings and organelles expand, making the body feel fully charged and energized in just the same way a bell struck at regular intervals vibrates and moves faster and faster. This causes a net increase in metabolism helping cells to divide faster, nervous signals to move faster and healing to occur at a much accelerated rate

The Negative Ions stimulate all of the cell membranes of the body causing their ion channels to become active. This helps to alkalize all cells by removing cellular waste and toxins. Negative Ions also convert cells from “Fight or Flight” (Stress) mode, to Reproductive, Normal Functioning (Happy) Mode causing a sense of Deep Relaxation in the mind and body. Just as negative ions clean our air, they also clean out our cells.

Amethyst Crystals have been known to deliver both infrared and negative ions naturally. In this case the Amethyst crystal is not only used to focus the FIR energy of the Biomat but also helps to calm and protect the mind and nervous system.

This combination of therapy using FIR and Negative Ions traveling through a matrix of amethyst crystal delivers healing frequencies to the body creating a unique method of accelerated cellular regeneration which aids in many different modalities of healing.

These therapeutic components of the Biomat works to remove blockages creating better communication between the brain, the autonomic and sympathetic nervous systems and all organs of the body to balance and stabilize the bodies systems and strengthen the body's own self-healing power.


Combining the healing properties of far infrared light, negative ions and amethyst crystal creates a unique healing environment. To counteract the effects of toxins, harmful electromagnetic radiation, stress and illness, regular use of the BioMat can bring the body into a state where wellness and recovery and relaxation are a part of everyday life.

The thousands of testimonials from proponents of the BioMat attest to its validity.

The BioMat Works!


BioMat Orogone

Additional Information

 BioMat Orgone

Make your Sleep the kind Dreams Are Made Of…

Sleep disorders affect over 70 million US adults, resulting in everything from driving fatalities, mood disturbances, memory loss, ADD like symptoms, compromised immune function, sick days, low work performance and more.

Sleep is crucial to optimal health and performance for children and adults alike. In fact, proper duration and uninterrupted sleep is required for serotonin and melatonin production, restorative growth factors in the brain, and daily cleansing of the brain that causes swelling.

  • What if you could improve your sleep naturally without declining and disappointing results?
  • What would change in your life if you realized deep, restorative, refreshing sleep once again?

Our latest creation, the Orgone BioMat will provide you with all of the benefits of the BioMat, but on a soft and luxurious bedding product. Now, every night you can enjoy deep, healing sleep and wake up refreshed and renewed.

The Orgone BioMat is made with the same cutting edge technology, engineering, and methodology as the original BioMat. We know you expect the best, so each Orgone BioMat is made with the finest materials, to assure quality and performance.

The Orgone BioMat is a significant paradigm shift in sleep science and will vastly improve the way we sleep.

Our Orgone BioMat protects you from microbes and dust mites that no one wants to have in their sacred, comfort space. Specifically designed with purple microfiber that provides an impenetrable barrier against dust mites, and has tested positive to resist growth of staphylococcus aureus and klebsiella.

20 years of research and development yields important health benefits:

  • Anti Bacterial
  • Anti Fungal
  • Allergy Safety
  • Deodorization

What are the Differences Between the BioMat 7000MX and the Orgone?

While the BioMat 7000MX and the Orgone both incorporate the same technology (Far Infrared, Negative Ions, Amethyst), the Orgone is considered the preferred option for users who see themselves needing the combined comfort and therapeutic benefits while you sleep.  

  • BioClay Memory Foam  – The improved comfort design uses our own BioClay Memory Foam which contains ochre for anti-microbial protection.  
  • Microfiber – The outer Microfiber of the Orgone BioMat offers dreamy, inviting softness to the touch that doubles as a barrier to dust mites.
  • Dual Controls – Two individuals are each able to control the heat and timer settings on their side of the bed.
  • Orgone Sizes – Single (coming soon!), Queen and King
  • Pricing – The Bed Sizes of the Orgone are less expensive than their BioMat 7000MX counterparts

What are the Similarities Between the BioMat 7000MX and the Orgone?

  • 8 heat settings (95 – 158 F;  35 – 70 C)
  • 1 No Heat, Negative Ion Only Setting
  • Timer Functions (2, 4, 8, and 12 hours)
  • TOCA layer (increased negative ion output)
  • Quantum Layer (amplifies the Far Infrared)
  • Nano Copper Fabric for EMF protection (physical layer 7)
  • Copper, Carbon and Silicon / Teflon layers for additional EMF reduction (physical layers 9-11)

Which BioMat is right for me?

Perhaps you are concerned about present or future health conditions, but you sleep like a baby!  Is the Orgone or the BioMat 7000MX the right choice for you?  Here are some factors to consider in making your purchasing decision:

  • Usage – would having the Orgone in your bed be a hindrance to you (or your partner) or an added benefit?
  • Portability – Would you like to travel with your BioMat?  If so, either the Mini BioMat or Professional BioMats are suited for travel.
  • Added Users – The Orgone gives you additional surface area for comparable price (Queen Orgone $1580 vs. BioMat Pro $1695 ($1595 with discount)
  • Location of Treatment – The Orgone will be a fixture in your bed.  If you plan on doing high heat thermotherapeutic sessions, this would occur in your bed on the Orgone, OR the location of your choice on the BioMat 7000MX

Quality materials and workmanship

When you purchase a Orgone BioMat, you are investing in a medical device that uses only top-of-the-line components, a multi-functional control system for setting the temperature, timer, and the most advanced I.C. chip to reduce electromagnetic waves. The Orgone BioMat is a unique innovation in Bio Technology that is made up of 17 layers. The device comes with a 3 Year Limited Warranty / Lifetime Trade-In Option.

Try the Orgone BioMat today and see how the new innovation in sleep science will vastly improve the way you sleep.


Alkaline Water

The Most Advanced Water Filtration and ionization system in the WORLD!!


What Are the Mechanisms of Ionizing Water Production? 

The Mechanism involves electrolysis of water through the use of electrode energy and ionic materials moving to different electrodes (anodes and cathodes) through the porous special-coal diaphragm. The electrolytes moving to anodes are anionic minerals such as calcium ion, sodium ions, magnesium ion, and the electrolytes moving to cathodes are cationic materials such as chlorine ion and sulfur ion. The water electrode side is called Acidified Ionized Water. The Electrolysis-Ionized Water System is a product approved as a medical device by the Korea Ministry of Food and Drug Safety (MFDS). It produces Alkaline ionized water, which is beneficial to health, and acidified ionized water which can be used for household purposes and purifies by removing various contaminants. 

Alkaline Water for an Ion-Balanced Body 

Water that removes wastes from the body 

Electrolysis-reduced water removes wastes from the body. It helps to maintain balance by removing activated oxygen from the body. 

Activated water helped lively movement of human cells 

The small-sized water clusters (molecule sized) are helpful in cellular activity 

Nutritional water-rich in minerals 

The water supplies essential minerals including calcium, sodium, magnesium, and potassium. Hexagonal water protects intracellular substances.