Cannabis Nurse Consultant

What Can A Cannabis Nurse Consultant Do For You?

Our Team of Certified Cannabis Nurse Consultants are here to educate and recommend  Cannabis products and advocate for safe use.  We are located in Minneapolis, Mn but are available via video conference in all 50 states. 

We have seen a massive interest in the growing industry and are dedicated to bringing you and your clients the most updated information On Cannabis.   As the industry continues to grow we are branching out to assist other medical professionals to educate our peers, patients, and the community on safe Cannabis Consumption.

We will recommend products that have been proven to benefit many health ailments and conditions.  As a collaborative approach we also attend doctors appointments with your clients to educate their healthcare teams on cannabis consumption and safe use. 

Unfortunately there is a large stigma that is based around cannabis and we are here to set the record straight and educate others on living a healthier happier life.. 

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Why do you need a Cannabis Nurse Consultant?

In a world of regulation and all products being under the same standard there wouldn't be a need for a CNC (Cannabis Nurse Consultant).  We are educated on helping you make the best decision based on you personalized medical needs or ailments.  Each client has different needs and requires personalized attention, so they are able to get qualified recommendation and implementation of care.  The program we have created is intended to get you setup for success, follow you long term, and create individualized plans to work in conjunction with your current plan of care.  We also give advise on CBD for Canines.

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We also have medical cannabis advocates

We are also available to come with you to appointments to help educate your health care team on Cannabis as an alternative option.  Take the guess work out of it and allow us to help you and be part of your care team. 

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